Beware, frequent fliers, your flight crew might be the proverbial canary in the coalmine. Aerotoxic syndrome, or illness caused by poisons like phosphates being passed through cabin air, might be causing illness (and even death from heart attacks, cancer, suicide, and hemorrhages, all poisoning symptoms) in those who flew the most, mainly crew.

Not everyone agrees that aerotoxic syndrome exists, but to stem the doubt, some data is beginning to show that flight crews are having worse health and mortality rates than jobs that are similarly stressful with bad hours. Those watching the unexplained symptoms take their young, otherwise healthy coworkers are starting to compare notes and draw conclusions, and it’s not good.

Normally, cabin air is filtered. It’s only contaminated cabin air that’s causing trouble. But while big contaminations are easily detected, there may be more common small, silent ones that gradually build up toxins in frequent fliers. It’s worth noting that the FDA is fighting research; they haven’t upgraded how air is filtered since the 50s.

What can you do? Flying is to convenient, and too amazing a modern marvel to give up entirely. Just try to limit trips, and to keep otherwise healthy. Maybe even do a detox when you return.

In addition to aerotoxic syndrome, between a quarter and a third of fliers will develop illness sometime in the week after they travel. Make sure to keep up immune support when traveling with colloidal silver. Great as a daily boost, you can also use it as something extra when you know you’re under attack.

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