Supplement HandfullIf you are, you might get the wrong idea when it comes to some of the more sensationalist ones.

For instance, can dietary supplements send you to the ER? Only if you completely eschew common sense! It’s not usually the ingredients like headlines imply, it’s what people are, and aren’t doing at home.

Since most supplements don’t contain anything toxic, they’re in easy to open containers (weak muscles, arthritis, and other similar ailments are all good reasons to take supplements, as well as to have them open easily). But, that means kids can get into them easily. There’s ER visits factor number one: not having a child proofed home. The biggest supplement to worry about? Iron, too much of which is bad for kids.

Next, people end up in the ER for taking things that contain well-publicized bad-for-you herbs, which have stimulant effects that can cause cardiovascular problems (and more). Usually, these are marketed as miracle weight loss or energy supplements. Even if they ARE natural, make sure you’re picking stimulant free supplements that support your body rather than jump-start it. (Try MesoGold for energy, or stimulant-free Slim NRG for weight loss support).

Finally, be careful swallowing pills. Choking is the other main way people end up in the ER. Try this trick—look down. Seriously! Practice with something small like an M&M—looking down opens up your throat better than looking up! Add in plenty of water, don’t bite them, and be careful there’s no other loose fragments that could lodge (again, common sense! Don’t blindly throw them in your mouth). If you’re really worried about ending up in the ER because you choked on your daily multivitamin, take one at a time (even if handfuls are impressive).

P.S.- Don’t go crazy. There can always be too much of a good thing, even water. Body builders, people trying to lose weight, and similar can be too enthusiastic seeking quick results—more is not always better. Stick with being the tortoise, not the hare!

Do you read past headlines?


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