Lungs and LiverWhile there are lots of ways to support good digestion and metabolism, there’s probably one obvious thing you’re missing: liver support.

If you don’t have a chronic illness like hepatitis, you probably think of your liver as that thing that processes alcohol, because alcohol gets a lot of attention.

But your liver’s other jobs deserve attention too! It does a lot—it aids digestion (both food breakdown and nutrient absorption), helps regulate hormones, metabolism, and detoxes other toxins, too!

A healthy liver is an efficient liver! And it definitely deserves your support. While the liver is hardy, it’s not indestructible!

What does your liver want? Antioxidants and nutrients, both of which can be found in Liver DTX, which is specifically designed for liver support.

Liver DTX is a cleanse, not an ongoing daily multivitamin. And it’s the perfect time of year for a cleanse—many people are already working on healthier diets, which often means cutting back on processed foods and drinking more water instead of sugar. Many also give up alcohol and coffee temporarily, to reach a ground state for the new year (Why? The best way to catch an emerging health problem is to really understand and pay attention to yourself).

And improved digestion and metabolism support numerous other health goals, too.

Whether you want to support specific health goals, or your overall health, you liver is almost certainly an overlooked part of that. Everyone eats, so everyone can benefit from supporting their liver!

Have you done anything else to support your liver this year, like a diet change?


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