Summer time breakEveryone looks forward to summer, and no one wants their plans ruined by getting sick! So here are some of the most common ways to get sick this summer, as well as tips to stay healthy!

-Get more time in the sun (with sunblock!). Vitamin D helps support your immune system and a dozen other things, and levels tend to be lower coming out of winter. Make sure you’re getting enough sunshine to make up for it!

-But don’t forget sunblock (here are some alternatives). Besides the risk for skin cancer, a sunburn taxes your immune system. If you do get burnt, treat it like you would other injuries and illnesses! Let yourself rest a little bit more, eat well, drink LOTS of water, and liberally apply aloe and colloidal silver—aloe is great for your skin and very soothing, colloidal silver has a long history as a burn salve (and continues to be used today!).

-Moderate your air conditioning. Your body has to warm and hydrate the air your breathe—that’s why keeping things at ice box level makes your nose run. A runny nose is a great way to spread germs (which transmit more easily in dry (cold) air!). Add in that a heavily running air conditioner means keeping the windows shut—so if someone in your office is sick, you’re trapped with all their germs! (Heavily air conditioned places during summer always remind me of being trapped on a plane with that nasty recycled air).

-Keep summer’s particular risks in mind. Pools and lakes can be ground zero for germ transmission, as can picnics. And it’s not just raw/undercooked meats at picnics, it can also be pre-chopped fruits and veggies. Be careful about how long food sits out, too.

-Take care of yourself if you get sick—it’s not less serious than getting the cold or flu in winter. Walking pneumonia, head colds, and sinus infections can get worse if you don’t support yourself getting better.

-You can support your immune system throughout summer. Regularly eat/take probiotics to keep up a strong colony of protective gut flora. You can also use colloidal silver to support your immune system!

What are your tips for a healthy summer?


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