Researchers have deep dived into the way that bacteria influence the health of our body. We’re teeming with bacteria—inside and out—which can be good or bad depending on our eating and other lifestyle habits, as well as environmental influences. There are even some viruses that can be a beneficial part of this micro world. But new research is pulling in another tiny organism that may be writing our health destiny: fungi.

According to research and a new study, fungi, which usually make up a very small portion of our microworld, may be able to cause a lot of damage. Specifically, they may be a key risk factor in the development of pancreatic cancer.

Here’s how far research has come: it’s only been in the last few years that researchers stopped viewing the organ as sterile, and now they think they may be able to halt some pancreatic tumors with antifungal medication. It’s a huge step forward!

Until screening for fungi becomes some sort of standard, you can help control your health by working to influence your natural colonies of bacteria, viruses, and more to be more healthy. Bacteria and our habits work as a sort of feedback loop, where good bacteria help us crave healthy habits, and vice versa. It takes about a year of work to break into a negative feedback loop and make changes, but with how many different aspects of our health is at stake, it’s worth the effort.

Good bacteria help us crave healthy foods, desire exercise, and have a more upbeat mood. They also help to crowd out and fight off bad pathogens, and are a crucial part of our immune system, defending the gastrointestinal tract against pathogens that come with our food (as well as aiding digestion and a bunch more jobs!).

You can give your good bacterial colonies a boost with a robust probiotic supplement like Flora MGR. With a diverse multitude of helpful bacteria, Flora MGR helps encourage good bacteria in your gastrointestinal tract and beyond.


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