According to research looking at studies, dietary choices, and health outcomes, as many as 1 in 4 Americans could see a real benefit from getting more Omega-3s in their diet. Why? Omega-3s are essential fatty acids that have integral jobs all over the body, from your brain, to your heart, to your joints.

Omega-3s play an important supporting role in liver and kidney health, and may be essential to heart health since they help with cell wall formation, circulation, and oxygen uptake, and encourage more optimal heart health markers like triglycerides. They support the immune system, may even help with asthma if moms get enough during pregnancy, and have been tied to all sorts of mental conditions, from depression, to ADHD. Their anti-inflammatory properties are even associated with improved joint health, as well as skin health when dealing with conditions like eczema (or just everyday dry skin!).

Vegetarians and vegans can get Omega-3s from plants like walnuts, flax seeds, and chia seeds, but most people get their Omega-3s from animals, (namely, fatty fish or crustaceans like krill).

But most people aren’t getting enough Omega-3s from their diet, especially if they have a typical American diet that is higher in Omega-6s than it should be (Omega-6s can be good for you in moderation, they help with breaking down bad cells, but balance is important, and a typical diet will have too many Omega-6s while also having too few Omega-3s).

If you’re looking at fish to get more Omega-3s (whether for your dinner or as a supplement) there’s a lot of extra work required, since most brands don’t purify their product and remove the contaminants like mercury and other toxins and heavy metals that build up as you go up the food chain (and the fish that have the most essential fatty acids are bigger and thus higher up).

Make a simpler choice with krill oil. Krill is at the bottom of the food chain, so it’s naturally far more pure than fish from toxins, and for those concerned about our oceans: being at the bottom of the food chain means that krill is far more abundant and easily replenished. If you choose a brand like Deep Ocean Krill Oil, it’s sourced from pure arctic waters in a process overseen by World Wildlife Fund Norway that is both more environmentally friendly than fish harvests, and protects the oil from quickly denaturing.

And krill oils like Deep Ocean Krill Oil have the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin, which has the added benefit of naturally preserving the oil so no additives are needed!

But there’s an immediate benefit to anyone who chooses krill oil over fish oil that everyone who’s ever taken fish oil should know about: it’s easier to digest, something you’ll feel, and notice when you have fewer fishy burps ruining your next meal.

Because it’s such an effective blood thinner, it’s important to talk to your doctor about taking it, since certain medications, surgery, and a few rare conditions may prohibit taking it!

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