Food recalls are getting serious, with antibiotic resistant strains doing more damage, and warmer weather giving bacteria a longer season in which to grow and contaminate food. While ready to eat food (from pre-cut vegetables to frozen meals) is the biggest risk, that’s not all consumers are being warned about. This Halloween, chicken lovers are being officially asked not to dress their flock up for trick-or-treat.

It’s actually been bubbling up for a while—different flocks in different states have tested positive for salmonella. A single source for the outbreak hasn’t been pinpointed, so all chickens, whether you’re going to eat them or pet them, should be treated as a possible source. Currently, a drug resistant strain of Salmonella is spread across at least 29 states.

Salmonella is the most common cause of food poisoning and can cause fever, stomach ache and cramps, and diarrhea. Onset of symptoms can take up to three days.

To avoid Salmonella, watch for recalls of pre-prepped food you may buy, and make sure you following safe cooking practices (cleaning to avoid cross-contamination, frequent hand washing, and using a thermometer to ensure you’ve hit a safe to eat temperature).

You can also support your body against the unexpected by filling your gut with friendly bacteria from a probiotic like Flora MGR, and supporting your immune system with colloidal silver.

Immune support against gastrointestinal illnesses is especially important right now since not only is Salmonella still floating around (it’s usually more of a warm summer weather thing) but Norovirus outbreaks have begun to pop up, too (usually more of a dry, winter thing). Take care and stay prepared!

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