Blood CleanseWhen the body and its organs function normally, the blood is healthy. Delivering nutrients and oxygen and removing waste (along with the lymph system) the blood is essential to overall health.

Sometimes, though, a poor diet or poorly functioning organ can lead to the accumulation of acids, toxins, or excess cholesterol. Along with a healthy diet, Blood CLNz supports the body cleansing these and other toxins.

When drugs, acids, and other toxins accumulate in the blood the lymph system (a key part of the immune system which removes toxins) becomes strained. Supporting a healthy detox when toxins accumulate also supports a healthy and strong immune system.

Blood CLNz is a powerful detox tool, and it’s strongly recommended that Gallbladder CLNz be paired with it. Each Welltrient supplement is FULL of vitamins, minerals, and/or herbs (with NO filler), and different Welltrients compliment and support each other in ways that can’t fit into just one capsule.

Containing licorice root and sage, Blood CLNz is designed around both traditional herbal uses as well as the latest research on safe and effective uses of herbal remedies. Blood CLNz should not be taken by pregnant women, as it can stimulate uterine contractions.

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