A positive attitude may be critical to your good health. Studies have found the importance of a good outlook can improve the outcomes of long-term treatments, chronic conditions, and even everyday colds. They may also be a form of prevention, since tracking people with positive and negative attitudes pretty consistently shows a correlation with things like a stronger immune system, fewer sick days, and hospital days. Plus, staying positive means that you’ll be less likely to need stronger forms of mental support.

How do you stay positive? It takes a conscious effort to make change, so you have to start with tangible habits that can turn into a state of mind. Pinterest loves positive activities, but some popular standbys to get you started include writing down good things from each day before bed, making a memory jar of happy moments (to look back on later), doing one small act of kindness each day, and figuring out healthy ways to deal with stress. Then, there’s always meditation, which is associated with an immune system boost and improved mood.

If you need more help, try boosting your mood through physical changes (so the mood boosting benefits can come back to your body), like a healthy diet, a little more sunlight (Vitamin D), exercise, and general self-care.

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