Woman Enjoying TeaIt’s been a wild year, and almost everyone has spent it pretty tightly wound. While stress in the moment can be hard on your body, what’s worse are the long term habits that build up, with stress repeating itself day after day, even after the triggers have gone.

It’s time to break the daily spike of adrenaline by breaking the cycle up—possibly with a habit like sipping a cup of Jiaogulan Tea.

While the ritual of a cup of tea can be inherently calming, Jiaogulan goes beyond that. It’s thought to help resist stress, thanks to some of the beneficial compounds that Jiaogulan possesses.

And it might help with some of the symptoms of stress.

When the Chinese first discovered Jiaogulan hundreds of years ago, they described it as a treatment for ulcers (and while there are many causes of ulcers, emotional stress is one of the most famous!).

Jiaogulan is also well known for boosting heart health, and even supporting healthy cholesterol levels and lower blood sugar.

Finally, it’s an herbal tea, and being caffeine-free means it won’t feed into any stress cycle you may be caught in or feed into the spun-up energy stress already creates. But here’s a (good!) caveat: some of the compounds in Jiaogulan have been correlated to improved endurance. So while it may not jolt your day like a cup of black or green tea, it can still help you get through it better—and more steadily to boot!

Pour yourself a cup of Jiaogulan tea at the most stressful moment during your day—whether it’s morning, after lunch, or before bed. Then steep the leaves again, and enjoy a second or even third cup (the second cup may be the best!).

If you need help breaking the cycle that stress can stick you in, try a cup of Jiaogulan today.

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