Tea in the KitchenWhat we drink is a true “first world problem”. Although our water isn’t perfect, it’s pretty good. But a lot of people hate the taste, or get pulled into something sweeter, juicier, fattier, or just fancier. Many prefer water extra iced, only from their own city, or just from a fancy bottle.

For an essential component of our health, we treat it pretty casually.

If you want an alternative to water, or something that does a little more for your health besides hydrate you, try a cup of tea. You may already realize that a good cup of tea is great for easing stress, and that a caffeine free herbal tea may go even further, helping to support health in otherways.

For instance, our Jiaogulan tea is well known for offering cardiovascular support, but it may offer some digestive support, too.

When the Chinese first wrote about Jiaogulan, it was as an ulcer treatment (and let’s be honest, in addition to any direct support it may offer the gut, a warm cup of tea and a quiet moment may help with stress that contributes to ulcers!).

With a meal, a warm drink is better for digestion (although cold drinks may help burn more calories). Plus, there’s an entire category of psychology and anthropology devoted to the rituals around meal times. Sipping tea slowly can help to reorient those patterns so they’re slower, more about savoring, and less about washing food down quickly. (And tea works any time of day with any meal).

And since we’re talking about digestion, Jiaogulan has also been tied to colon health. If you have lived a lifetime on a traditional American diet, a little extra support that comes right along with a meal, or a break in the day, could be just right.

Pick a cup of tea that has a history of supporting many aspects of health, from your heart to your digestive tract, and that is caffeine-free (meaning it helps insomnia rather than furthers it!).

If you already have some of our Jiaogulan at home, enjoy a moment of peace with a cup this holiday weekend. If you haven’t tried it yet, now’s the perfect time.

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