Calcium Supplements Make Big Difference In Preventing Falls


Most doctors recommend women start taking calcium supplements from a young age—even your twenties can affect your bone health later in life!  An evaluation of previous studies has found that even if you start calcium supplements later, however, it may go a long way toward preventing bone breaking falls later in life.

Although there are plenty of great food sources for calcium, including dairy products and dark, leafy green veggies, most doctors think a good calcium supplement is an easy way to support bone health and make sure the body has a steady supply of calcium to work with (on average, every ten years you have a completely new skeleton, so your body needs calcium to keep rebuilding healthy bones!).

But it’s not just calcium supplements you need, Vitamin D plays an important role in the absorption and use of calcium, and Vitamin D deficiency can be a real concern since many people work inside all day. Paired with calcium supplements, Vitamin D helps reduce serious falls in the elderly.

The older you get, the worse your gastrointestinal tract becomes at absorbing nutrients, even with proper diet. If you’re also inclined to eat less, then you may need a general multivitamin to pair with the calcium supplements. A nutritionist can help evaluate gaps in your diet, but in general focus on a small portion of lean meat, some whole grains, and a variety of fruits and veggies. A multivitamin helps fill daily gaps, and specialty vitamins can help support specific health concerns.

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