Cleanse The Colon To Support Optimal Health With Colon Cleanse


Colon cleanse and detoxThe colon has many important functions, including vitamin absorption, water absorption (supporting hydration of the body), and storing waste before it’s expelled.

But the colon is susceptible to toxin build up, a weakening of the mucus lining and supportive flora, inflammation and sometimes even infection (which can cause chronic illnesses like irritable bowel syndrome and over time can lead to serious disease like cancer). Sometimes we just have difficulty expelling food waste.


Colon CLNz contains natural herbs and acidophilus probiotics which are designed to support optimum colon health and function. The ingredients in Colon CLNz encourage detoxification by softening stool and encouraging muscle movement, as well as refurbishing the supportive (and protective) mucus lining of the colon as well as supportive flora (“good” bacteria that help your gastrointestinal system).

Whether colon and bowel problems are chronic or occasional, colon cleanse can be used to suit the needs of each individual. As part of an overall cleanse of the lower bowel (colon), Colon CLNz can be taken by itself or in combination with other colon support products (like Digest Aid, which contains enzymes to help break down food for digestion, and Flora MGR, which contains probiotics to support the good bacteria of the entire digestive tract).

Colon CLNz is a tool designed to aid your colon by detoxing it, and encouraging your natural immune system healing processes.

What are your favorite digestive herbs and supplements?


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