A warm cup of tea isn’t just for fall and winter. With our earthy Jiaogulan tea, it’s also the perfect drink for sitting outside and taking in your local greenery, or just watching the birds.

First, what is Jiaogulan tea? An organic, caffeine-free herbal tea from Southeast Asia, Jiaogulan is known as the tea of life. It’s associated with many health boons, including a calm stomach, longevity, cardiovascular health, and more. With a rich earthy flavor, it tastes great for several brews.

Why drink Jiaogulan? Caffeine isn’t for everyone. Whether a doctor specifically warned you off, or you’re trying to stay on top of related issues like heart health, insomnia, and anxiety, it can be nice to have an alternative. If you just like teas, Jiaogulan is a must have. With so many sweetened “teas” taking over, getting back to the roots of tea drinking it a wonderful change of pace.

One of the wonderful things about tea is the brewing. Humans have an instinct to connect with nature, and food especially, through ritual. If, like most Americans, you eat out a lot, you’re probably not canning at the end of summer or doing other intricate food prep. Tea is a wonderful regular step to connecting what you consume, a few minutes of a meditative exercise as you prepare a cup to enjoy.

So, once you have your cup of Jiaogulan, head outside. It can add another rich layer to drinking tea, especially during the spring. Sip slowly and take in all the quiet activity around you, and you’ve added a meditative exercise to your tea, enhancing the calming sensation that just drinking warm herbal tea like Jiaogulan can have.

And because it’s caffeine-free, Jiaogulan is perfect to enjoy before bed, when the nighttime animals wake, stars come out, and traffic quiets.

Enjoy spring, and step into nature with a cup of Jiaogulan tea.

Where do you like to sit and drink tea? Leave a thought for us in the comments:


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