Curcumin, a compound found in the spice turmeric, has long been known to offer numerous health benefits. It’s anti-inflammatory, and supports heart, brain, eye, joint health and more. Researchers have been working to validate the benefits of curcumin, as well as to find ways to incorporate them into modern medicines. One team is working on turning the fat soluble compound into a water soluble one that can be used as an eye drop to treat early glaucoma. Curcumin is already known for helping when taken at the early signs and stages of eye degeneration.

You don’t have to wait for some complicated, patented treatment to get the benefits of curcumin. It’s a food, and adding a little bit to your diet each day can help get you the super powerful antioxidant benefits!

There are three ways to add curcumin to your diet: you can mix a little in warmed oil (which can be gross), you can try new recipes (fun, but hard to make a daily habit!), or you can get it in a supplement like Triple Strength Antioxidant (easy, and gives you a boost from a variety of powerful antioxidants).

In addition to supporting eye health, past studies have found that curcumin stimulates and supports the liver, and that having curcumin in your diet each day may prevent Alzheimer’s, as there’s a correlation with lower amounts of the bad brain plaques believed to cause Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The good thing about taking or eating turmeric and not just isolated curcumin is that you get the possible benefits of unexplored compounds. Plants are complex, and in the same way people prefer true vanilla to vanillin, you get more when you stick with the whole plant.

Add a little curcumin to your diet today with Triple Strength Antioxidant.

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