It’s natural for our eating patterns to change seasonally. Even if you live in a more temperate part of the US, the products available, holiday traditions, and restaurant menus all tend to lean a certain way: heavy with fat (and often sugar). That alone can be hard on our digestion, but this is also the time of year when Norovirus circulates, and of all the types of stomach flus, it’s probably one of the most violent on the digestive system. Paired together you’re gastrointestinal tract may be working a lot harder this time of year… or, you can support it. Read on to pick the digestive support that’s right for you!

Based on your age, eating habits (how variable are they?), and exposure to germs (like eating out) you have your own specific digestive needs, and you should get the support that you need this winter.

If you’re eating a lot of foods that you wouldn’t normally, support your gut with Enzyme PWRx Complete. What you eat regularly, and even just what you eat first thing in the morning, really set the tone in your gut for the work it has to do. When you throw in something you don’t eat normally, beans, meat, dairy, fish, whatever your traditional meal is… things can get heavy. It sinks in your stomach, you get bloated, gassy, and uncomfortable. When your body gets used to eating things, it’s more prepared to break it down. When it’s not used to it, give your gut support with Enzyme PWRx Complete.

If you just want better overall digestion, choose Digest Aid+. As our gut ages, it gets worse at breaking things down and absorbing nutrients. This inefficiency can lead to nutrient deficiencies, poor night’s sleep as we digest longer, and discomfort after many meals. Digest Aid+ is regular gastrointestinal support to ensure better meals… for your comfort and health.

If you want to aid digestion and help support your gut against illness, regularly take a probiotic like Flora MGR. Probiotics are the newly discovered cornerstone of health, supporting weight, heart health, brain health, and more. But their first function is supporting the gut, aiding digestion, nutrient absorption, and helping to crowd out and fight off invading viruses and bacteria that make us sick. Start building a stronger gut with Flora MGR.

When you’ve picked the right support system for you, it’s time to break out Grandma’s cookbook for the holiday feast, and enjoy a healthier, more comfortable meal.


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