Eye DoctorStatins, a blockbuster drug that suppresses cholesterol production, have again been linked to an increased risk for cataracts, when the eye’s lens gets clouded.

There have been conflicting studies in the past, this one looked at different groups in Texas. It found that the longer you took statins, the greater the risk for developing cataracts.

If you’re on statins, review with your doctor whether you really need to be on statins. There are other potential risks that have come out in past years, including potential for kidney damage. And there’s been some evidence that statins don’t work as well for women. Depending on your specific risk factors, it’s worth a chat.

If you do need to be on statins, or have been for a long time, here’s how you can help lower your risk for cataracts:

Reduce your other risk factors. No smoking and wear sunglasses when outside.

Some studies have found that antioxidants help reduce the risk of cataracts. Not all antioxidants work equally at it, though. Vision PWRx is formulated with those studies have found may help prevent cataracts, as well as other eye supporting nutrients.

If you do end up with cataracts, feel good knowing fixing the problem is just an outpatient procedure. Just make sure you have colloidal silver on hand, since being a patient for any reason (much less surgery) ups your risk for infection. So take control and support your immune system.

What do you think? Are Statins worth it? When?


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