Research has been diving into the science of gut bacteria (and viruses, too). It impacts everything from digestive health, to weight, to less expected things like mood and even personality.

The most startling evidence for the impact of gut health comes from fecal transplants. A very effective, minimally invasive, and usually safe way to treat a range of digestive illness including diarrhea, certain pathogens, overuse of antibiotics, and, as we discover more about bacteria, possibly obesity, depression, and more.

Fecal transplants are valued for their high success rate and few side-effects, but as researchers look at the effect of bacteria the “good” bacteria that do the job of solving major problems may have other effects. After transplants, doctors are finding that patients are taking on traits of their donors. Those same changes tied to bacteria are being tied to the specific mixes being shared by donors: mood, weight, and more.

Treating more complex illnesses are far away. It’s not just which bacteria, it’s what proportions, so aside from screening donors, there’s not a current way to make a consistent bacteria cocktail for transplant.

The takeaway? Gut bacteria are serious business. Fortunately, all the good habits you already know you should be doing (exercising, eating well, sleeping, destressing) can positively influence your gut bacteria over the long term. You can even support the health of your gut bacteria with Flora MGR probiotics. It might be casual compared to a fecal transplant, but it’s a way to get daily support before you need the far less appealing sounding option. You can also support your gut bacteria with safely fermented foods.

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