Everyone wears sunglassesThis month, everyone is writing about skin health, using sunscreen, and watching for bad moles (ones that get bigger, uneven, change color, or hurt), but don’t forget your eyes!

Your eyes can get sunburnt, too. Worst case scenario, you can even get a melanoma in them! Don’t forget some nice big sunglasses (regardless of what’s trendy) that are expensive enough to actually provide UV protection (the cheap ones often don’t, even if they have a sticker—for example, those plastic ones with no glass that were popular a few years ago even had UV stickers!).

If you want to support your eyes further, make sure you eat an antioxidant rich diet (that goes beyond carrots and Vitamin A!).

Or cheat with an antioxidant rich supplement that supports eyes and more, like Krill Oil. Krill oil not only supports eyes, it helps with sunburn, overall skin health, and more.

Here are some more summer eye tips:

-Don’t swim (or shower) with contacts—they facilitate getting an eye parasite.

-Be careful with, but don’t skip, putting sunscreen on the delicate skin around your eyes. Rub it into eyebrows, too. (Other missed spots: your hairline, especially in back, between toes, and the bottom of your feet if you’ll be floating along or laying out).

-If you have loyally maintained the same pair of glasses for decades, upgrade the glass to modern shatterproof quality before playing sports.

-Don’t skip a regular visit to the eye doctor, even if you have perfect vision (just like dermatologists do more than fix acne).

If you’re wild adventures lead to pink eye, wash everything! And support your immune system with colloidal silver.

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