A cold snap of weather brings joint aches, another round of cold and flu to ache your muscles, and (if you got snow) some serious snow shoveling. If you’re in a warmer part of the country, you might be using the mild weather to stretch and exercise outside.

Leaving you with…soreness. Aches. Pains. Even some mild discomfort can sour your mood, interfere with sleep, and make your day feel ten days longer. When you have natural pain relief that you can use anytime (without interfering with brain function, causing other side effects, or being otherwise inconvenient) there’s no reason to let even a little pain go uncared for.

Dakota Muscle Relief is natural pain reliever that you can either rub or spray on aching muscles, joints, and even on bruises and headaches/migraines. (As long as you don’t have broken skin, it can even help with sore and congested sinuses).

After some tough activity, or sitting until your muscles are sore, or tensing until it hurts, or just feeling it in your bones, use a little Dakota Muscle Relief. The spray version is great if you’re going to do it yourself (easier to get hard to reach areas), if you’re going to apply it to joints, or if you just prefer the sensation. The roller version of Dakota Muscle Relief is great for muscles, since the pressure is an added bonus.

With a brief peppermint smell, there’s no medicinal stench to follow you around. The hot cold sensation that follows up does a good job of easing pain and loosening tension. In just a few minutes (often immediately) there’s natural relief from the pains bothering you. You can wear Dakota Muscle Relief to bed or to work and not stand out.

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