Exercise, eating right, and sleeping take time and planning, so while they’re important, they’re easy to fall behind on. There’s another cornerstone to good health that can be managed at all times, taken care of in the moment, and supported each day, though: stress and mental well-being. Give yourself daily support for stress, anxiety, and depression with D.S.A. MGRx.

It’s both harder and easier to manage stress and anxiety. Easier in that every moment is an opportunity to practice, and harder because if you’re “out of shape” with good managing skills, it can be hard to get started.

But mental support is often overlooked. People in a wide range of places experiencing and managing stress, depression, and anxiety need support and tools, because it’s about more than just mental health and comfort, it’s about overall health and well-being.

Study after study has tied managing mental health and outlook to better results; it may be more clear with major diseases like cancer, but it’s happening even with minor inflammation. Think about how stress can turn your stomach or make you break out in acne, it can prolong a cold or, like depression, weaken your immune system so you’re fatigued and sniffling and carrying around cold symptoms at any time of the year.

So take action. If you don’t have professional support, start small by taking mental health breaks, or pick an easy problem to shore yourself up against. Figure out healthy tools that work for you, it can be things as simple as remembering to breathe.

Many people need additional support, especially when they’re starting out. D.S.A. MGRx is natural herbal and nutritional support based on both traditional knowledge and modern studies. It’s not addictive–take it every day, or just when you need it without withdrawal symptoms. Try centering yourself around it, many people learn to tell when they need the extra support.

Don’t let this critical health cornerstone go untended. Find ways to build optimism and peace to support your overall health, and get extra support if you need it from D.S.A. MGRx.

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