Being sleep deprived doesn’t just stop at insomnia, symptoms of sleep deprivation including illness, depression, and impaired cognitive function can arise from not sleeping well enough, and namely, not dreaming (entering into the REM cycle).

If you can’t remember any dreams, don’t panic. You might just be sleeping well. But some know they don’t dream, since there are many commonly used substances that impair or simply stop the brain from reaching the dream cycle.

One is marijuana. Some common strains can make you sleep “better”, but skip an entire important part of that cycle. There’s no measuring stick/regulation for all the different strains, either, so if you’re using marijuana to medicate one problem or another, beware of this side effect. One sign that you’re skipping that part of the cycle is needing less sleep (like 4-6 hours instead of being in the healthier 7-9 hour range).

Another common dream foil? Sleeping pills. Sleeping pills don’t induce natural sleep, and you while you may still dream, there’s a famous correlation with sitcom-worthy antics (like sleep-driving and other activities). If you take sleeping pills regularly, your brain may be struggling to properly maintain itself. Sleep isn’t just rest, there’s a whole host of self-maintenance that your body does, including flushing out the brain, healing wounds and fighting illness, and even some routine heart support!

If you have trouble sleeping, consider natural ways to combat insomnia. Lifestyle changes including more exercise, less alcohol and caffeine (especially right before bed) and a nighttime routine at a regular time to signal “sleep” (sneaking meditation in can help) can make a big difference. If you need an extra push, try all natural, non-addictive Nite MGR. With herbs, minerals all known for supporting sleep, it’s a natural way to get deeper, better, longer, easier sleep, and to support all the nightly work your mind and body do.

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