Pinched nerves, tensed sore muscles, fibromyalgia ache due sedentary lifestyle


Right now, you’re reading this on some sort of screen. How’s your posture? Phones are really hard on how we use our back and neck—we lean over and into the screen as we read, watch, share, and chat. And with tablets and laptops more heavily used than desktops, proper computer posture has fallen by the wayside as well. To ease the muscle strain and pain this causes, make sure to use Dakota Muscle Relief.

Roll your neck, relax your shoulders and straighten your spine so each vertebrae naturally rests on the one below it. Keep your back straight when you bend, lift with your legs. There are a lot of habits that can make or break how comfortable our neck and back are. Even what shoes we wear, how we walk, and how we sit impact the muscles—creating knots and tension or relaxation and comfort.

If you’re not getting every little thing right, ease your pain naturally with Dakota Muscle Relief. With a pleasant minty odor (none of the old school medicinal smell) and a hot/cold sensation from a short list of ingredients (not a long list of chemicals like other brands!) you get fast, natural pain relief for aching muscles.

Dakota Muscle Relief is great any time with it’s non-offensive odor, and can help you reach a comfortable place for sleep–easing restless legs and other discomforts as well as neck and back aches. It also works well after other natural muscle support like stretching, baths, and massage.

Pick up a bottle of Dakota Muscle Relief and ease the modern strain that screens create. Soothe sore backs, muscles, and more.


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