Arthritis In JointsOur joints take a lot of strain for us. Whether we’re athletes, have repetitive tasks, some extra weight to carry, or are just feeling the pangs of aging, everyone runs into joint pain occasionally. If you’re joints creak in the cold, then now’s the time of year where you’re extra aware of those strains.

Prevention is always the best strategy. Exercise is actually better for joints than nothing, even if that seems counterintuitive. Traditionally, easy on the joint exercises like swimming, yoga, and low-impact machines like ellipticals are recommended, but new research suggests that running (in good form) is better for joint health, too, and may reduce inflammation. Bonus: exercise can boost weight loss, helping reduce the strain of extra weight on joints during regular activities.

Diet choices can impact joints, too. A diet high in processed food, fried foods, and sugar increase inflammation, while food rich in antioxidants (fruits and vegetables, spices like turmeric) can help reduce the extra inflammation that comes along.

Supporting your immune system can help too, since many viruses can trigger joint inflammation (try colloidal silver for extra daily support).

If you want a boost to support sore joints, try Joint MGRx. It’s a carefully blended mix of joint supporting ingredients, and it’s one of our most well reviewed products. It helps strengthen joint tissues and cartilage to support you as you regain flexibility and ease of movement.

Support your joints now, not later. Whichever method you choose, start making changes to support joint health today. You’re not overlooking the creaks and pain, don’t overlook the solutions, either!

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