Back Ache GrandmaDo your bones creak as storms role in? Or maybe they (and the muscles around them) ache after winter outings like skiing, sledding, or just a short walk through the cold. Worst of all, car accidents occur frequently in winter, and even a mild slip into the curb can cause some aches.

Make sure you curb those aches and pains so you can enjoy holidays, especially if you’ll be pounding the pavement for good deals or standing in the kitchen all day!

For Big Problems, See A Professional

In the words of Parks And Rec’s Donna, Treat Yo’ Self. Chiropractors can fix an amazing range of problems, and offer additional services other than just back popping—like massage and acupuncture. Insurance doesn’t cover it? Try a massage therapist instead for a little holiday break. Bonus? The skin-to-skin touching will stimulate your immune system!

Stop Problems Before They Start

It’s winter, so make sure the problem isn’t being fueled by lack of Vitamin D or calcium (bones naturally thin in the winter). Take a daily multivitamin like Vita One, as well as a targeted calcium supplement, like Cal Mag Complete.

A lot of people think of yoga as a way to stretch yourself, and it can be. It’s also a way to train yourself to have good posture, and to have improved balance (fewer falls!).

Make sure that you have good posture all whether you’re standing, sitting, or exercising. Different shoes can offer different types of support, and it’s worth keeping in mind!

If you’re going to be standing outside (watching a parade, say), consider using a heat pack. Most are made for your gloves, but it can be nice to slip one to your lower back.

And of course, drive safely! Wear a seatbelt, and make sure your tires are up for winter. Then follow all appropriate cautions while driving in inclement weather.

DIY For Minor Aches

A hot shower or bath, followed by easy stretches or yoga, and an application of Dakota Muscle Relief (I like the roller, it gives a little massage as you apply it) fixes 90% of my aches and pains.

For worse, there’s Body RLF. It’s a natural way to support muscle and joint aches and pains—and it’s especially great when taken before bed if those sorts of troubles keep you up at night! (Pair it with our Sleep Support Pack, which has calcium for your bones!).

Do you have winter aches and pains? What causes them?


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