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Flavonoid-rich foods—apples, grapes, tea, and coffee are some examples—help protect against both heart disease and cancer. According to a new study, the benefits may even help offset bad habits like smoking, drinking, and not exercising. Add in some flavonoids to your day for a boost with flavonoid-rich food like our organic Jiaogulan tea.

Eating Well

Flavonoids are found in fruits and vegetables and are responsible for the bright color (remember that color is a good indicator of flavor and nutrition—think a rich, bright red strawberry vs. an under-ripe white one, or how regular red watermelons are more flavorful and nutritious than the lycopene free “honey” versions). There are many types of flavonoids, so getting them into your diet requires eating a variety of plants, from fruit and veggies to tea and coffee.

If you’re adding tea to your day to get more flavonoids for variety and health support, consider Jiaogulan tea

Organic, caffeine-free Jiaogulan tea is known as the tea of life where it’s grown in SouthEast Asia. There, it’s known for supporting heart health, stomach health, and more. Research so far backs up what those local to where Jiaogulan grows have always known—that is supports health. It gets its “tea of life” moniker because of the longevity of those who traditionally drink it.

Calming, with an earthy flavor and all these health-supporting properties, Jiaogulan tea is the perfect addition to your day and can complement a diet of fruits and vegetables to help you get a bigger variety of flavonoids to support your health.


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