Girl Sleeping OutsideDo you have a lot of self discipline? Because while this is free and simple, for most Americans it won’t be so easy:

Turn off your lights (and your screens) from dusk to dawn, say sleep researchers, and in 4-6 weeks, you’ll experience the deep, mind-awakening sleep of our ancestors.

Wait, what?

Electric lights, and staying up late, are new (relatively). But according to scientists, your DNA “remembers” how things used to be, and in a little over a month, you could experience the sort of sleep that inspired everything from great works of art, to deep philosophical and religious works.

Here’s what happened in a study when average people were asked to go lights-out in rhythm with the sky:

At first, they just slept a little more (because most people are starting out sleep deprived, researchers supposed). But then, something really cool happened: their sleep patterns broke away from the condensed 8 hour block we think of as ideal. Instead, they slept in roughly two 4 hour chunks—and in between, had a “peaceful awakening”, that according to brain monitors is mentally equivalent to what happens in the brains of some of the world’s best meditators.

It’s a change that would require a lot of discipline. You won’t be talking about the latest episode of Game of Thrones or The Walking Dead at the water cooler on Monday, or staying up late with the latest page turner, but if that meditative like awakening (and sleep quality) is what one would assume—you might find yourself feeling mentally well, alert, and inspired like never before.

If you have the discipline for the Paleo Diet, then you can probably follow Paleo Sleep, too.

If you love brownies, late night dramas, and indulging in finishing a good book in 24 hours… well, there are natural ways you can get close to our ancestors. (Or maybe you have work conflicts, social conflicts, etc. etc.).

-Meditate for 15-30 minutes a day. If, living more “naturally”, you’d be regularly experiencing a meditative state, it’s probably worth working it into your routine. The upside to meditation is endless. Not only does it power up your brain, it improves all sorts of health issues—from cardiovascular, to cancer, to lifespan in general.

-Support your brain’s memory, focus, and clarity with colloidal gold.

-And support a good night’s sleep with the Sleep Support pack—it combines Melatonin based Nite MGR and the minerals of Cal Mag complete to supply your body with everything it needs for its nightly processes. And that supports comes naturally, supporting REAL sleep rather than that other kind available in a bottle.

What do you think? Will you be trying Paleo Sleep for 2 months?


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