Cotton Ball WomanAs one diet expert warns: the holidays are a time when people get desperate to lose weight, or at least not gain any back. And fads appear.

All over YouTube right now is a new, dangerous fad: eating cotton balls. Usually they are soaked in juice or a smoothie or something first, then a few are eaten before a meal. This is a “trick” that has long since been rumored among models (don’t think glamour, think all the stories of models so thin they die on runways). Now, it’s popping up in preteens and desperate dieters.

The idea is to feel full to keep yourself from eating. But there are so many risks—it’s a horrible idea.

“Cotton” balls are actually made from chemical laden polyester. Even if you find organic cotton ones, they’re indigestible, so there’s a huge risk that you’ll end up paying some surgeon thousands of dollars to remove them after they block up your GI Tract. (That’s if you don’t choke on them first).

With this kind of diet you also run the risk of malnutrition. While that can be covered pretty well by a good supplement, never overlook the fact that you do need quite a few calories each day to function—to think, move, digest, breathe… You shouldn’t feel lethargic when you’re dieting. You should feel invigorated and healthier than ever.

If you need to feel more full to stick to your diet, try a glass of water before a meal. If you have problems with the taste of water, try a few drops of bitters (orange or mint are great) or you can drink diluted juice.

If you want more general diet help, try these:

-Eat more fruits and veggies. Besides being good for you, eating them more is generally agreed to decrease cravings for processes sweets.

-Try a natural weight loss supplement. If you need help, avoid cotton balls, stimulants and other dangerous weight loss methods.

-Exercise. Don’t just do cardio, build muscle. Muscle will use up more calories, so you can worry less about a natural appetite!

Have you seen the cotton ball trend?


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