Joint Pain DiagramAre your joints warning you about the upcoming changes in temperature? If a coming rain puts a crick in your back and snow makes your knees sing, it’s time to get joint pain relief.

First, make sure your joint pain isn’t an injury. Injuries may need physical therapy or other treatments to heal. If you suspect an injury, talk to a doctor or other specialist. They can recommend rest, stretches, or whatever is necessary.

Second, consider infection. Lyme disease and a few other viruses can cause joint pain as a symptom. A doctor can test and recommend treatment (it’s important lime disease get treated right away).

With any viral infection, you need lots of rest, to take care of yourself (fall’s ideal for chicken noodle soup), and consider adding colloidal silver to your routine to help support your immune system. Viruses have a nasty way of lingering, so keep going for a while when symptoms subside.

Finally, if your joint pain is chronic, you will have to fight it by generally fighting inflammation and supporting your joint health. Turmeric is a great way to fight inflammation, it’s a strong antioxidant. If turmeric is too hard to work into your daily meal plans, try Joint RLF, which not only has turmeric but other herbs that support joint cartilage health.

If arthritis seems to be the cause, many people take colloidal gold to support joint health.

Can your bones predict a storm?


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