Smoke AbstractWorried about toxins? It seems like every corner has something going on, whether it’s in the water (and potentially getting into the food), the air (fires cause smoke, after all), or just your home (you’d be surprised).

Try Zeolite (and follow it up with Humic and Fulvic minerals!). Zeolite acts kind of like a net, pulling big things like heavy metals out. They even help with free radicals.

What I really like about Zeolite is it isn’t a trendy detox, where you starve yourself, or flush out your guts (and get trapped indoors for a week while your body deals with it). In fact, it may even help with diarrhea (among other things) so that you feel better when you take it. Detoxes don’t have to be a sort of self-flagellation, they should feel like a step forward!

One thing that’s important with any detox is making sure you have a safety-net. Basically, make sure you add good things to your body as you remove the bad. That’s where Humic and Fulvic Minerals come in—they’re the perfect balance to Zeolite, providing over 70 minerals (iron, copper, and more) to replace the free radicals and toxins you caught with Zeolite.

Here’s something else to consider: Zeolite and Humic and Fulvic minerals used to make it into humans diet far more often, but have generally been removed from our soil by farming. As plants grow, they use up minerals. At minimum, some nitrogen might be added as a replacement; at most, there might be some compost or better fertilizer added. Zeolite, for instance, occurs when volcanic rocks and ash meet ground water. Humic and Fulvic minerals are derived from the remains of plants from hundreds of millions of years ago, a soil layer that is missing from most modern agriculture.

If you haven’t tried it yet, consider it. It’s a great, gentler cleanse—whether you’re making dietary and lifestyle changes, or just looking to balance against the free radicals that have been sent into the air recently.

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