Back Pain SilhouetteWhether your fibromyalgia was a slow build, or triggered by an accident, illness (like Lyme Disease) or stress, you aren’t limited to expensive, addicting, side-effect riddled treatments. Try these complementary ones:

Explore the mind body connection. Note that this applies to all types of fibromyalgia, not just that caused by stress.

Meditation will reduce stress, which can cause/amplify pain symptoms.

Use meditation to control the pain. If doctors can’t treat it, you need to train your brain to manage it—visualize it, then shrink it, and let it float off. Repeat, repeat, repeat.

Sometimes our brains hold onto pain from accidents, and the memory causes physical pain. Breathe out the pain and visualize your body as whole and healed. Teach your brain to see that, not the accident.

Use your body. Most fibromyalgia sufferers are cleared by their doctors to work out and do their normal activities, but feel limited by their pain. But there’s something to the old advice “don’t baby it”. If you don’t extend your arm ever, when you finally do it will hurt regardless!

Try yoga. Yoga moves at your pace. Start gentle, and push yourself deeper into the poses each day.

Don’t skip cardio. Your whole body will suffer if you don’t support your health with exercise! Swimming is an easy-on-the-joints route.

Support your body.

Pain is conveyed through your nerves—try a nerve supporting supplement like Nerve MGR to encourage those connections to work right.

And while you shouldn’t hesitate to use your body, don’t always work through the pain, either. Rest your body when you need to (I love a warm bath on joints and muscles, or a shower that alternates hot and cold to get things moving).

Try natural pain relief.

Body pain? Try Body RLF. This is an office favorite—whether we worked out for the first time in ages, twerked a limb, or just slept funny, Body RLF sets us right.

There’s also Dakota Muscle Relief. Using essential oils, Dakota Muscle Relief works great for sore muscles and joints. Just spray or rub on. It also works great for tension headaches!

How do you manage your fibromyalgia?


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