Blonde with Sore ThroatWhether it’s secondary to cold, flu, or allergies, or an infection all on its own, there’s lots you can do to soothe a sore throat. Don’t let it simmer and irritate you, or worse, spread down further into your respiratory tract.

At the first tingle, take action.

If you have another illness causing congestion and post nasal drip, fight the infection raging in your sinuses. If blowing is failing you (or just too rough) try either a sinus rinse (purified water and a little colloidal silver) or sinus flood (colloidal silver and a little xylitol). Rinses can be done frequently if you are just washing out a trickle. A flood works well on packed congestion, soaking and loosening (and not unlike a dirty kitchen pan, it might take a few goes to get the worse of it).

If you think you might have a germ causing your sore throat—besides staph, there’s a nastier bug called Fusobacterium necrophorum going around and causing about 1 in 5 sore throats—be proactive about cleaning your mouth and supporting your immune system: mucus and congestion can give harbor to pathogens.

Colloidal silver is a great way to support your immune system. You can even use it to rinse your mouth as you take it.

Then, there are all kinds of ways to soothe a sore throat if one sneaks up on you. Different people (or sometimes just different illnesses or stage of illness) respond to different things: hot liquid (like herbal tea), acid like lemon or orange (bonus Vitamin C in your drink), or something thick and coating like honey. Or any combination you like.

Sore throat season is here, make sure you’re ready with a cup of tea and some immune support.

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