Tired TravelerJust the hectic rush of traveling can stress you out—and stress weakens your immune system. Combine exposure to other stressed out, sick travelers; less sleep; and possibly traveling somewhere with germs you’re not used to, and you could be in for a less than ideal trip.

First—Fight Stress!

Plan—Call the airline in advance, and find out about hidden fees (especially when it comes to luggage), as well as good things they might be able to offer you. With rising rates and fees everywhere, airlines have very different costs and benefits than each other. Find one that suits how you travel, or just make sure you know the ins and out of the airline you picked!

Pack—Besides clothes and toiletries, make sure you have comfort items. Do you like a heating pad? To nebulize before bed? What about sinus rinsing? A special pillow? Ensure that you have all your health needs met while you’re gone (including reordering or renewing prescriptions—pill count before leaving. I’d recommend a pill organizer, but security sometimes requires the original pill bottle, label, and possibly the prescription).

Then—Fight Being Tired!

Try and pick flights that won’t be too disruptive to your usual schedule—keeping in mind how long it takes to get to the airport and through security (which varies by airport!). It may be worth a few extra bucks to get a flight that will allow you a chance of feeling good when you land. (And keep in mind time differences).

Don’t Forget—Fight Poor Nutrition!

If you’re going to be in the airport for hours, don’t get stuck with airport fast food (if you’re lucky and it’s open) or a vending machine. Check airport rules and see if you can pack a snack, or at least make sure you have your daily multivitamin to get you your basic vitamin needs.

Fight—Worst Case Scenarios

More and more, doctors are providing their patients with a 24 hour nurse hotline. Take that and their office number with you. Also take a look and see what hospitals will be in the area you’re visiting. Are any in-network? Do they have the right specialists? Etc.

And throw a bottle (or two) of colloidal silver in your checked bag for continued immune support on your travels. (And if the cuisine or water will be much different, include a bottle of Flora MGR to support your GI tract!).

Adventure in good health! What are your winter travel plans?


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