Sad Winter WalkerFull blown Seasonal Affective Disorder affects 4-6% of Americans each year, and another 10-20% get SAD mildly. How bad winter is influences that range; the further north you go, the more people are affected.

You might already know that you get a little blue during the winter months, or it might be an unnamed dip in your quality of life. Either way, there are a lot of ways to stem off sadness and depression triggered by winter, you just have to find the one that’s right for you.

Start with the most common cause of seasonal depression: getting more Vitamin D. Between shorter days, colder weather that can both block out the sun and chase us indoors, we aren’t getting the sun exposure that leads to natural Vitamin D production. Vitamin D doesn’t just impact our mood, without it our immune system is weaker, our calcium use/absorption worse, and a whole host of other problems get amplified. (And feeling unhealthy, or catching an illness like the flu won’t help your mood).

There are three ways to get more Vitamin D:

-Make sure you’re getting more in your diet. Fish, beef, eggs, and cheese. There are fortified foods, too, like milk and cereal, but the fortified version of the vitamin isn’t as good a source as a high-quality supplement can provide.

-A high-quality supplement, like Vita One. It provides nutrients, including vitamin D, in a form easily accessible and used by the body.

-And, of course, getting more sunlight. If you get it in the morning, it will naturally support a circadian rhythm that’s in sync with night/day cycles.

If it’s not just winter that you feel a little down, and winter just makes it worse, you might need another layer of support.

Try D.S.A. Select to help with anxiety, stress, and depression naturally. Users say you can feel the difference pretty quickly, and feel when you don’t need it anymore (unlike the withdrawal issues that come with other options).

Or, go for overall mental support. If it’s not just mood, and you want a boost in memory, focus, and even coordination, pick up some MesoGold to support your mind, mood and all, through winter and beyond.

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