Flavanols, similar to Flavanoids (found in many plants, Flavanoids are a powerful type of antioxidant), have been found to help with mild cognitive impairment when consumed daily (improving memory, judgement, etc.).

Although the research was paid for by Mars, Inc., to illustrate the value of their flavanol rich chocolate beverage, it lines up with previous lines of research that shows antioxidants—flavanoids and flavanols in particular—have many benefits for cellular health. The heart and brain both benefit from flavanoids, which can be worked into the diet through fruits, teas, coffees, and chocolate.

The subjects of the study were elderly, and already had mild cognitive impairment—so this isn’t necessarily an answer to Alzheimer’s as much as a part of healthy aging and supporting cellular health by fighting free radicals, which get increasingly out of control with age.

Of course, getting a varied diet rich in flavanols can be hard (and the calories of drinking chocolate everyday may not be practical! Or maybe you want to avoid caffeine.) so it’s good to know that antioxidant-centric supplements, like Triple Strength Antioxidant, contain flavanoids. Even if they don’t magically cure an ailing memory, they still provide daily nutrition by filling dietary gaps.

Do you drink coffee, tea, or chocolate daily for a health benefit, rather than for caffeine content or enjoyment? Do you drink hot drinks in the summer or switch to iced?


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