Sick CoupleThe CDC says this year’s very bad flu season could peak this month. The holidays succeeded in spreading flu—if you’re city didn’t have an outbreak before, it likely does now.

The good news is the worst will soon be behind us, the bad news is we still have that peak to get over!

So make sure you’re prepared for the next few weeks, than we can all ease up a little.

Prevent Flu Transmission:

No one wants to get sick, so that’s a great place to start! Support your immune system with colloidal silver, a healthy diet, and exercise.

If you’re in a part of the world that’s been getting regular below zero temps, make sure you’re taking a good daily multivitamin like Welltrient One, so that you’re getting enough Vitamin D at a time of year where the outside is inhospitable!

You can reduce flu transmission within your home by keeping the humidity up. Run a humidifier, a tea kettle, etc., and slow flu transmission.

Wash your hands—you can’t stop others from going out when they’re hacking up a lung, but you can reduce the risk that you’ll catch it. Be careful not to touch your face (especially mouth/nose/eyes) and wash your hands often.

Get Better Fast:

If you do get sick, rest up. You’ll let your immune system focus on fighting off the invading flu pathogen, and prevent spreading the flu to others. You’ll also be able to focus on eating a good meal (hard to do when you feel sick) and drinking enough water.

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