Woman with SnowballIt will vary by where you live, but some states are already getting flu cases.

Usually, flu season starts in October or even November, and peaks February or March before ending. The last few years have had earlier, longer flu seasons, and so far it look like we’re up for a repeat.

So, however you want to prepare yourself for flu season—get started. If you need help battening down the hatches, here are some ideas:

-Start running a humidifier. A humid environment makes it harder for flu to spread, meaning it will be harder to being the flu home with you.

-Rest up. Running yourself ragged is a great way to weaken your immune system and leave yourself susceptible to the flu.

-Drink plenty of water, and take a multivitamin. You don’t want to be low on any of the essentials when you come into contact with the flu, so make sure your body has the support it needs.

-Support your immune system with colloidal silver. Colloidal silver is a useful tool to have year round, but now’s the time to make sure you’ve got plenty on hand. Also, ordering now may get you cheaper shipping—once it starts snowing, we have to use faster shipping speeds to protect the colloidal silver from freezing and falling out of solution.

-Wash your hands frequently. In hospitals, hand washing reduced disease transmission by 90% or more in some studies. Imagine what it could do in less germ-y scenarios!

How are you preparing for flu season?


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