Summer went by fast, and fall is just around the corner. There’s the return of school, end of year preparations at work and home, the holidays, and more. For many, the calendar is about to get pretty full!

One way to be prepared is with brain support from colloidal gold. It’s reported to boost mood, memory, focus, and more.

Preparing, planning, and performing seem to hit their peak in the fall and early winter. To pull it off, you need concentration, energy, and a mood to persevere. In addition to daily support from colloidal gold, there are other ways to help keep yourself moving and successful.

Diet is important. That natural, even energy boost of colloidal gold won’t help if you’re cycling through sugar and caffeine crashes. Protein, berries/fruits, and whole grains in addition to a variety of vegetables helps keep the body primed with the nutritional building blocks it needs, and a steady refill of energy.

You should also treat your brain like you treat your body. Mental breaks, rest, and sleep help it just like your body needs rest. Exercise it, too. Stretch it in different ways (games can work, just break out of your comfort zone), meditation, or even just reorganizing your life for a fresh view.

Don’t lose track… of yourself. While you juggle everything, make sure that you’re keeping in touch with how you’re doing compared to normal. If things get out of control, give yourself time to recenter. If you’re getting buried, try our Stress, Depression, and Anxiety support pack which combines colloidal gold with our D.S.A. MGRx multivitamin and herbal supplement for mood support.

How do you handle busy time? Leave your best tips for us in the comments:


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