Bath LadyCold and flu season can be daunting, especially because everyone has a co-worker or relative who’s a bit of a Typhoid Mary. But taking care of yourself this winter doesn’t have to be a chore, here are some activities that will support your immune system and your sense if winter wonder.

-Take a bath. Stress can really wreak havoc on your immune system, and the holidays really bring it on for many people. So try to schedule a weekly bath time. You’ll de-stress, relax your muscles, and all that humidity will help protect your home from the flu!

-Speaking of tense muscles, be sure to have Dakota Muscle Relief on hand. It’s great after a long day of playing in the snow!

-And of course, playing in the snow counts too! There are lots of fun winter activities to be had, whether it’s something simple like a walk, childish like a snowball fight, or organized, like a ski trip. Not only are you getting exercise, you’re getting a bit of Vitamin D to help support your immune system and prevent seasonal depression! Just bundle up!

-Have a cup of tea. Chocolate, tea, and coffee all offer different health benefits (although you should be careful about how much sugar and caffeine you consume). For a decaf option, why not try are heart supporting long life tea?

-Don’t forget to stimulate your brain. Whether you want to stave off winter depression or just keep your thinker sharp, winter offers lots of traditional options, like telling stories by the fire. Of course, you could just read good book, too. Other options: take up knitting (it’s even the cool thing for men to do these days), or problem solve a gingerbread house (keep those gumdrops from sliding off!).

What fun ways do you stay healthy in the winter?


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