Dakota Muscle Relief is all natural muscle pain relief that you can use when you want, as often as you want. With minimal side-effects, there’s no reason not to ease muscle aches day and night.

Most people think of muscle relief, and they think of physical activity. Leg day at the gym, yard work, the start of a new activity. But the day is filled with other instances where you can use Dakota Muscle Relief to your benefit, because you shouldn’t sit with a problem you can fix.

The second most common use? Probably easing muscle aches from inactivity. Sleeping funny, sitting funny while you work, or doing light work incorrectly and getting a knot or cramp. With hot cold sensations, Dakota Muscle Relief helps soothe and loosen muscles so you can relax.

Then there’s a whole world in between, including comfort you can get beyond muscles. Some forms of Restless Leg Syndrome respond to a little rub of Dakota Muscle Relief, some headaches and migraines, and other forms of aches like joint pain and bruises (the spray form works better for tender, not tense, areas).

Are there any side-effects you should watch out for? People with sensitive skin types and allergies might be more prone to a reaction, so don’t jump into any skin product full steam ahead, always do a small test patch. Never use Dakota Muscle Relief on broken skin, and if you’re going to use it a lot on one spot, watch for irritation.

When’s the best time to use Dakota Muscle Relief? As soon as you’ve done something where you know you’ll need it, before bed, try it at the first sign of a headache, and whenever you feel a cramp starting. And don’t worry, there’s no medicinal odor or lingering smell, just a burst of peppermint that fades.

Pick up Dakota Muscle Relief and start taking control of your minor aches and pains.

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