Woman on Laptop in BedThere are dozens of things you can do to get a good night’s sleep: exercise each morning, turn your screens off an hour before bed, turn all your lights off when the sun goes down, avoid alcohol, avoid caffeine, eliminate light and noise in your room, have a newer mattress and pillow…

Very few people are doing all those things! In other words, we all have room for improvement, and could be getting a better night’s sleep. But how to get there without some major lifestyle changes?

With targeted, natural, nutritional support, like that found in our Sleep Support Pack.

Why is natural support better than that pill your friend takes? Natural means not just a standard of ingredient, but supporting real sleep. Have you heard the funny stories about people on sleeping pills? They range from mild like making a ridiculous online order (think RV accessories when you don’t even have an RV) to outright dangerous like driving to work at 2AM still technically asleep. In fact, you’re not really supposed to operate heavy machinery if you take sleeping pills… and that includes cars! Those funny stories happen because people on sleeping pills don’t cycle through sleep the way they should.

How do you help yourself sleep better without a huge to-do list of lifestyle changes? Nutritional support. You’re not just “turned off” when you sleep, your body is clearing and cleaning and rebuilding and doing a bunch of actually complicated processes that are tied to better memory, energy, health, and more.

But most of us aren’t getting the nutrition we need, and in addition to bad habits like late-night time in front of a screen (whether you work late on a computer, watch TV before bed, or can’t put your phone down) so we need a little help overcoming the gaps we create.

That’s where a natural sleep aid like Nite MGR (and Cal Mag Complete if you pick up the Sleep Support Pack) come in. With a foundation of Calcium, Magnesium, and melatonin, your body has the ingredients it needs to fall asleep, and with other minerals and herbs that support good, quality sleep, you’ll stay asleep and feel the difference the next morning.

If you aren’t living a perfect lifestyle geared toward primal, natural health, neither are we. But you can still experience a natural night’s sleep with our Sleep Support Pack.

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