As study after study links the composition of our gut microbiome to our health, mind, and more, hospitals and the CDC have discovered something concerning: C. diff is becoming increasingly common.

Related to tetanus and botulism, C. diff is harder to prevent and treat (although sanitation helps). Traditionally, it’s thought of as an infection required one of two ways: from hospitals, and from taking antibiotics. Antibiotics (which are commonly given as a preventative in hospitals) Kill both good and bad bacteria, making a nice available space for a C. diff infection.

But over the last ten years, hospitals have been reporting that more patients are turning up with C. diff infections that don’t have either of these two risk factors.

Currently, there’s no known cause for why this is. One big concern is that it could be indicative that our collective gut health is getting worse.

Before there’s a problem, be sure you’re supporting your gut health. Healthy habits like diet and exercise, eating fermented foods that add healthy bacteria back in, and limiting antibiotic exposure (colds, flu, and sinus infections are viral and shouldn’t be treated with antibiotics) are a start for protecting gut health.

You can also boost and diversify your gut colonies with a probiotic supplement like Flora MGR. Choosing a high-quality supplement to support your gut can help your body more quickly counter the loss of good bacteria from antibiotics, fever, and more.

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