Family bbqParties, festive activities, fireworks, you’re probably having a busy day. So, here’s a reminder to stay safe out there so you can focus on having fun!

-Backyard BBQ? Picnic in the park? Either way, make sure you have what you need to keep food cold/hot (as needed). Enough ice for the cooler? Sterno? Charcoal/Gas? Lots of baking dishes come with travel lids and handles now, too, making your picnic that much easier.

-Plan to indulge in American food (i.e. fried, sugary, salty goodness?). Might want to have some enzymes with that. (And if you indulge too much, you might want to order our all natural, non-stimulant weight loss supplement).

-Here’s a tip: I have no idea by what magic this works, but you can keep prewash fruit from getting icky (mouldy) by throwing a paper towel or two in the container. It makes it ready to eat, easy to snack on, and keeps it fresher.

-Stay safe in the sun. Check out how to stay safe in the heat wave, and alternative sunscreens.

-If you’re not watching fireworks at home, and you have pets, figure out where they’ll be during fireworks early so they’re not scared, and there’s no mess when you get home.

-Drive safely! Tonight’s a night when there will be more drunk drivers than usual.

What are your 4th of July plans?


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