Blue EyeMost people know that their body is connected, and that one part affects another. But few actually think about what that means—or how they can prevent one disease by taking care of another.

For example, your eye health can be negatively impacted by poor heart health. Both high cholesterol levels and high blood pressure can cause problems. Cholesterol levels have recently been linked to increased wet macular degeneration (damage to the retina that builds up with age—dry is more common but less severe). High blood pressure can cause glaucoma.

Preventing or treating heart conditions may improve eye health—in mice with high cholesterol levels, treating the cholesterol improved their eyes.

Taking it a step back—plaque left over from not flossing can build up in the arteries, contributing to heart disease.

So there’s a whole long chain of different things all connected—so you can see how you can’t neglect any one part.

If you want to take care of your heart, start by flossing! Then, work on eating a healthy diet made up primarily of fruits and vegetables, and strengthen your heart with regular exercise.

You can also use phytosterols to support lower cholesterol levels, since they naturally block its absorption. Phytosterols are found in natural supplements like Cholesterol MGR.

In what other ways are different parts linked together?


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