How To Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

One question we often see is how or can I use colloidal silver in a nasal spray?

Or Can I Use Colloidal silver nasal spray?

However, you can use colloidal silver nasal spray whether it suits you—in the nose or not.

One common way to use colloidal silver nasal spray is as a toner. For example, after you shower or wash your face, spray colloidal silver on skin, let dry, and continue however you usually would (add lotion, get dressed, etc.).

As a nasal spray, you can use it for occasional direct support to your nose, or boost your efforts when using a colloidal silver sinus flooding kit or nebulizer. A colloidal silver nasal spray is faster, so it’s excellent inbetween support for more significant products and processes.

With a spray, you can reach problem areas like your back, areas sensitive to touch, or tricky to care for places (like the skin around your eyes) more efficiently and thoroughly.

Who Should Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray?

The nose is a pathway for germs—so are the eyes. And while skin comes in all types, many people suffer from acne, rosacea, scratches, and more. So who should use the colloidal silver nasal spray? Everyone! We all have moments where our skin, nose, and eyes need extra support, and many can also benefit from ongoing, daily support.
Don’t wonder how to use colloidal silver nasal spray- spray liberally and spray anywhere that needs support! Traditionally, silver is applied in ointments and creams, but colloidal silver can easily and more effectively be sprayed. This makes it easy to combine with whatever everyday creams, lotions, and more you prefer!

Why Use Colloidal Silver?

Colloidal silver is helpful as an immune-supporting supplement. It’s also used traditionally in creams, ointments, and more to support healthy, beautiful skin—and is even used today in over-the-counter skin-supporting products (although often as a cheaper form of silver).

There are lots of ways to use colloidal silver to support skin and more—wondering how? To use a colloidal silver nasal spray, just add a sprayer to your normal bottle of colloidal silver, and it’s transformed—now you can directly support skin, the nose, eyes, and more!

Can You Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray Elsewhere?

The only limit to using colloidal silver is common sense (like avoiding silver if you have allergies).
For example, if you’re going to use a colloidal silver nasal spray to support the skin in your ear, be reserved about how much you spray—too much liquid (of any kind) will create uncomfortable pressure on your eardrum. Instead, angle the spray indirectly for better control.
While there are multiple answers to using the colloidal silver nasal spray in your actual nose, use common sense and your comfort levels again. Some people are adept at cleaning their noses, and others are less comfortable with it. Support your health as much as you are able.

How To Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray with Your Nebulizer

When you nebulize, colloidal silver is turned into a mist that can more directly support your eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. But nebulizing takes some time—don’t miss out on support when you don’t have time. 

To use a colloidal silver nasal spray with your nebulizing, just use it as support. Nebulizing is doing more, but keep up the help you need in between sessions.

Learn more about how to use colloidal silver with a nebulizer here. 

How to Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray with Your Neti Pot

Neti pot users can add a drop of colloidal silver to their neti pot water to help make their cleaning immune-boosting (don’t do a neti pot rinse with just colloidal silver; instead, do a Sinus Flood).

When you need a boost but don’t want to whip out your neti pot (like at work), this is the time to use colloidal silver nasal spray (discreetly). If you’re using the colloidal silver nasal spray as immune support, don’t forget to include your eyes!

How to Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray with Your Sinus Flooding Kit

sinus flood is a great way to loosen thick, stuck mucus, clear out runny noses, and generally support our sinuses against all the modern germs and pollution it filters for us.

To use colloidal silver nasal spray with your sinus flooding kit, target the outside weakspots—skin around the eyes, sore skin around the nose, etc. It doesn’t matter if you do it during the sinus flood or after. 

And just like with nebulizing or neti pot use, you can use colloidal silver nasal spray as an inbetween boost when you don’t have time or space to do a sinus flood.

How Often to Use Colloidal Silver Nasal Spray

How much immune support you need is always up to you! When it comes to how often to use colloidal silver nasal spray, that depends on your biology, environment, and more—and customizing the use of colloidal silver to your needs is within your control.

Most people only need one spray a day, but others have bigger needs (and a few, of course, less). Experiment to find how to use a colloidal silver nasal spray in the way that works best for you personally.

What Do People think About nebulizing with Colloidal silver?

Typically with any product, there are concerns. Not to mention everyone should realize that everyone reacts differently to supplements and even foods. Always consult with your health care professional on the best plan for you on colloidal silver. 

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