If you’re traveling it could negatively affect your sleep cycles, making getting sleep during the holiday a chore. Here are some tips for how to sleep better.

First, plan ahead. If you’re changing a bunch of time zones (which causes jet lag) start planning meals and your sleep cycles around the time zone you’re landing in. For example, if you arrive at 8pm, don’t sleep on the plane. By the time you get your baggage and to your final destination, it will be close to time for bed, so make sure you’re tired!

If you do need to sleep on the plane, know that it’s possible to get good sleep sitting up, for the most part. Chances are better if they dim the cabin lights, since light, even ambient lighting, interferes with the brain’s production of melatonin. Melatonin not only aids sleep, but is important to your brain and your body.

An important safety tip: avoid heavy tranquilizers. Sitting in a chair without moving (whether asleep or awake) is bad for the heart, and creates the conditions for deep vein thrombosis, or clots which could travel to the lungs and be fatal.

How to sleep better once you’ve landed? Support healthy sleep with the Sleep Support Pack, which contains a sleep support supplement (with melatonin, to help you stay asleep) and another containing minerals like calcium to replenish the body’s stores. That way your first vacation night leaves you ready to enjoy your trip.


How do you manage sleep while traveling?


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