You may have noticed our new line of humic and fulvic acid products (including Zeolite, a mineral complex that detoxes heavy metals).

Like zeolite, there are many forms of humic and fulvic acid, all formed from the decomposition of ancient, dense forests. Our humic and fulvic acid products have been properly identified and cleaned (as should be any brand you take).

Humic and fulvic acids are complex molecules that are traditionally found in soil and water. After centuries of farming, however, most of the soil our food is grown in does not contain these helpful molecules. While they can be added in, large scale farms often do not include them.

Humic and fulvic acid (fulvic acid being a smaller humate) are electrolytes, reinforcing the immune system and scavaging free radicals. They may also aid nutrient absorption, and our humic and fulvic acids come with an array of nutrients to support good health and nutrition. Functioning as chelators, humic and fulvic acid can also remove excess metal from the body (hence their pairing with Zeolite).

Some studies have found that humic and fulvic acid are natural antivirals with no detectable toxicity at reasonable doses (with higher doses not tested). Of course, whenever taking a new supplement start small…you may have allergies. There have been no reported allergies to humic and fulvic acids, but always stay on the cautious side!

About Out Humic and Fulvic Acid

Each humic and fulvic acid product that we carry contains a proprietary blend of the compounds along with important nutrients and are derived from pesticide free, organic soil.

Have you heard of humic and fulvic acid before? What do you think?


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