Poor digestion can cause subtle discomfort—a sluggish afternoon, poor sleep, or just crabbiness—or it can cause large disruptions—an increasingly limited diet, insomnia, and disruptive stomach pain. Some people have food triggers, sometimes it’s the amount, or a change in diet and then for some it’s just everything.

Struggling through elimination diets, carefully combing through ingredient lists, and declaring your problems to everyone you eat with can get exhausting. Find a solution to your problems that allows for a more inclusive diet, keeps things natural (antacids aren’t good long term) and simple, too! Try adding Digest Aid+ to a meal a day (or more).

If you’re eating early but still feeling overstuffed when you want to lay down and sleep, try improving digestion with the help of Digest Aid+. When taken with the last meal before bed, you can sleep better (and healthier, no lump in your stomach straining your body).

Breaking food down isn’t just about comfort, it’s about nutrition, too. If you aren’t digesting properly, you’re passing a lot of good nutrients. With the help of Digest Aid+, you can get better nutrition off what you’re already eating (even better if you pair it with a healthy meal).

If your nutrition is just ok, use Digest Aid+ for those meals that tricky. And don’t forget a little natural prevention with moderation and healthy choices. Some people misattribute poor digestion to onion, garlic, or even spices, but onion and garlic are actually good for digestion in addition to the other benefits, and other factors (like overeating, or less natural ingredients) are actually to blame.

What messes up your digestion? Share in the comments:


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