Sleep is a cornerstone of health. Not getting enough doesn’t just leave you ragged the next day, it can cause long term damage over time. Poor memory, poor metabolism, poor heart health, and more. While studies continue to find more health problems caused by insomnia (including how our fat cells function), two well done studies have turned things around a bit—sometimes, insomnia may be the symptom, not the cause!

Cardiovascular health and depression are strongly correlated with lack of sleep. Many studies have shown that human sleep subjects who have their sleep disrupted experience mental drain, including depression symptoms, memory problems, inability to focus, and physical symptoms like poor heart/cardio function, poor metabolism, and more. (In fact, a new study found that fat cells function with a metabolism of their own).

New studies have found that the opposite may be true, too. People with poor cardio health or depression may experience poor sleep (insomnia).

End the cycle: support your health from every direction. Sleep is important, make sure to have good sleep hygiene, and get help if you need it for a natural night’s sleep from Sleep Support Pack. Heart health and mental health are important too—so support those separately. Meditation works for both. Diet can support both. Exercise can support both.

To improve your sleep hygiene, limit caffeine and alcohol before bed, cut out screens, and make your bed a place for sleep with the right temperature, sheets, mattress, lighting, so7nds, and smell.

Our mind and body are interwoven, and there are many keys to good health. Sleep is important (so support it with Sleep Support Pack), but make sure to support all aspects of health.

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