Woman DoctorMarch means it’s time to remind you about the number three cancer death for both men AND women: colon cancer.

Things are getting better when it comes to colon cancer treatment and survival, so let’s keep it up. Here’s how to take care of you colon:

Starting right away:

-Eat fresh fruits and veggies and plenty of whole grains. If you want to take it a step further, try to eat clean: avoid preservatives and other additives and stick to “real” food. You want food to pass through, and for your body to be able to process it as it goes. You don’t want things passing at a sluggish pace, or interfering with your digestion/nutrient absorption. Depending on how hardy your gut is, you may need to consider some degree of clean eating.

-Take care of your immune system. You actually will get many cancer cells throughout your life, but your body takes care of them thanks to a strong, properly functioning immune system.

As you age:

-Talk to your doctor about your health, family history, and personal risk factors and lifestyle choices. The current recommendation is that you begin screening for colon cancer at age 50, but you should make a personal health plan (for instance, if a parent got colon cancer, get screened earlier and more often, if you’re super healthy, maybe you need fewer screenings).

-Consider helping your colon out. As you age, your body may need a little help. You can take a multivitamin to ensure you continue to absorb nutrients, and you can do a detox to help clear out your colon and restore it with antioxidants.

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